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Our mission is simple: To get you fit and healthy, and we have created a fun and engaging way for you to do just that. All you have to do is walk through the door and we will handle the rest.

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CrossFit Classes

Our CrossFit Group Classes are the cornerstone of our establishment. We pride ourselves on running well-organized and professionally-instructed classes that allow all of our members to experience the best of what CrossFit has to offer – challenging workouts, camaraderie and real results.

We are open 7 days a week with one-hour classes available in the morning and afternoon to suit your schedule.

Crossfit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids Program is a unique blend of age-appropriate CF movements blended with calisthenics, speed and agility, and flexibility training. The lessons are designed to bring the student through fundamental movement patterns to develop the foundational skills for long term health and fitness.

Personal Training

Personal training is an effective and efficient way to achieve your individual goals and get the most out of your time in our facility.

Your coach will work with you to:

  • Identify and clarify your goals related to health, fitness and/or sport
  • Conduct a functional movement assessment
  • Design a program specifically targeted at improving your deficiencies and optimizing your strengths

Personal training is recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health/orthopedic limitations or just prefer the additional attention and accountability.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching Babylon Crossfit

Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching

We are excited to offer a safe space for all women throughout one of the most important journeys in our lives. Owner, Trish Evangelista, is a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach. Whether you are currently pregnant, looking to get pregnant, or just had a baby, booking a consultation with Trish will offer you the support you need to feel comfortable and create a custom program to suit your unique needs.

Throughout Trish’s first pregnancy she worked out 4-5 times a week and modified programming to help keep her and baby safe. Now, she wants to help others build a safe and sustainable guide to scaling for each individual. Email us today to set up your consultation

Physical Therapy Babylon Crossfit

Physical Therapy

Babylon Crossfit is now offering Physical Therapy services with coach Jared Reed. Jared is DPT, PT, CFL-1, and USAW-L1 coach. Athletes are able to book a 30-60 minute consultation that can include soft tissue work, therapeutic exercise, exercise prescription programs, and activity modifications for specific movements to accommodate any injuries.

Jared is available by appointment only, please reach out today at!

*Not included in membership*

Nutrition | Babylon Crossfit Eats

Babylon Crossfit Eats

At Babylon Crossfit we are 100% invested in our members’ health. What does that mean? We want to see you function and move to your maximum capabilities in and out of the gym. We accomplish this by starting at a foundational level of nutrition.

Kids Room Babylon Crossfit

Kids Room

A place for your kids to sit, play, watch tv, or have a snack while mom and/or dad work out. Our kids room has a full window so parents can see in and out while they are working out. Although there is not a full-time babysitter, this room has been key for many of our parents to get their workout in.

Free to all unlimited members.

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