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Babylon CrossFit’s Olympic Weightlifting program is run by our level 2 USAW Coach Anna Hill. The olympic program runs in 8 week cycles, but all are welcome regardless of when the cycle has begun.

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In Coach Anna’s Olympic Lifting classes you will become proficient in the 3 Olympic Lifts: Snatch, Clean & Jerk. Our Olympic Lifting program develops your strength, speed and flexibility to take your weightlifting to the next level.

The workouts are tailored to each individual’s needs in order to challenge each person appropriately and not only will your strength improve with your Clean & Jerk and Snatch, but you will also become more explosive and athletic as you become more proficient in your Olympic Lifting.

The program is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced athletes, for people who just want to improve their fitness and Olympic lifting to highly competitive CrossFitters and Weightlifters.

Our Weightlifting Class consists of:

  • General Warm Up
  • Barbell Warm Up
  • Skill/Technique Work
  • Strength/Accessory Work

Class Schedule
Thursday 8pm – 9pm
Sunday 7am – 8 am

Punch cards or drop in fees available.

“Showing up to Sunday morning Olympic lifting is one of the highlights of my CrossFit week. I have been a member of Babylon CrossFit for 4 years now, and regularly attending Olympic lifting classes for the last year. What I love the most is the constant instruction on the basics of form for the 2 most complex lifts we see in CrossFit, the snatch and clean & jerk. The 6-week program cycle is perfect; it goes from basic, no weight drills in week 1, leading up to heavy single lifts in week 6. Members who attend regularly tend to show steady progressive growth. In myself, I have seen the most improvement in my overall form and the ability to “get under the bar” when the weights get heavy. Recently I took part in a USAW sanctioned Olympic lifting competition and the confidence to do so came from attending Olympic lifting class weekly. THANKS COACH Anna!”
John Stio

“When I first joined Babylon CrossFit one year ago, anything with a barbell intimidated me. One of the other members suggested I try Anna’s Olympic lifting class and since day one, I was hooked. The biggest thing I learned from this class is that you cannot achieve to “big stuff” without perfecting the “small stuff”first. This reminding me that we have to work slowly and build the technique from the ground up. In class we work tirelessly on positioning of the barbell and drills to enforce those positions, which in the end set you up for success in your lifts. Anna is one of the kindest people I have met and truly thrives on the successes of each and every one of her students. I am so grateful that I stepped foot into that first OLY class just a few months ago, because I would not be the lifter I am without it!”
Stef J.

“Oly class completely changed my Crossfit experience. It allows me to take one to two hours a week stepping away from the hustle and bustle of everything and going back to basics with Coach Anna. She’s a oly encyclopedia. If she doesn’t know something you ask/need help with she goes home, researches it and has a detailed coaching approach about the item the following class. The class is run without music so it makes you internalize all you’re energy into one moment. Coach Anna breaks everything down from the way you breath to how each toe sits in your shoe. She does so in such an uplifting and fun way that I can’t imagine the gym without her. She’s your biggest critique, your biggest cheerleader, and overall the kindest person you may ever encounter. ”
Taylor Bedell

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