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Ben Sondgeroth

Ben is a Certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer who also holds the CrossFit Lesson Planning certification. His fitness journey has been a long one including such competitive sports like soccer, lacrosse, snowboarding, and paintball. Outside of school, however, he always struggled to find something that offered the same motivation as being on a team.

After years of going to gyms every day and doing benching, squats, deadlifts, and cardio Ben discovered CrossFit in 2018. This immediately changed his outlook on what fitness could be and he was all in. Five months into CrossFit he got his CF-L1 and since then Ben has helped numerous athletes establish solid foundations in their movements to move safely and effectively. His passion comes from seeing athletes grow and reach heights they never knew they were capable of. Every time an athlete hits a PR, corrects a flaw, or learns a new movement he sees this as a win no matter how small. To him, the CrossFit methodology is more than just what is done in the gym it is about how it translates into the rest of your life. From keeping up with your kids, staying independent as you age, recovering from injuries, and having the capacity to excel at any sport.

Outside of coaching, Ben has continued to improve himself by scoring a top 1000 placement in the CrossFit online qualifier. As well as enjoying the benefits of CrossFit across other sports such as surfing and motorcycle racing.