Congratulations Francesca and Phin on being Babylon Crossfit’s Member of the Month for December!

A Word From Our Coaches…

“Francesca has been doing 1:1 sessions since the Summer and every week she comes in, a smile on her face and ready to work. Francesca picked up on movements like deadlifts, air squats, burpees, and rowing quickly and was doing them in WODs right away! She makes me laugh on weeks I choose WODs with burpees because she reads it and goes, “you picked something you like can we pick something I like too?” Haha, so we compromise on movements so it’s always fun! I can’t wait to see her continue to grow and improve. I absolutely love working with Francesca!” – Coach Melissa

“Even though I have only had Francesca a handful of times. That was all I needed to see how much she truly loved coming to the gym and having fun. She came into our kids classes knowing a lot thanks to her amazing work with coach Melissa! From the burpees to the rope climbs to the wall walks Francesca showed that you can enjoy CrossFit at such a young age while keeping a big smile. It was such a pleasure having her in the classes and I can’t wait to have her again in January!” – Coach Matt

“Phin has been with us for a while now. Being how young he is has not stopped him from what he has achieved. Every day he comes in wanting to get better and always challenges himself. From the workouts to the games, Phin has found ways to impress all while having fun. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him and couldn’t be happier and more proud to be his coach. Go Phin!!!” – Coach Matt

“I have known Phin for 2+ years now. He started in our kids class and is now working with Coach Matt individually and taking on harder workouts. Pre-covid shut down we were training Phin for a mini tri- each week we would do the beep test. He complained non stop but every week always came back for more. That’s the thing about Phin he might think I am an angry elf but he continues to show up and put in the work. I look forward to watching his growth not only at the box but in the pool!!” – Coach Trish

About Francesca and Phin…

Most frequent class time and how many days/week do you Crossfit?
Francesca: Wednesday at 7.

Phin: Privates with Matt.

What was your fitness background before you started at Babylon Crossfit?
Francesca: Softball and outdoor activities.

Phin: He has been there since he was like 6 so not much other than swimming competitively since he was 5.

What accomplishment are you the proudest of (outside and inside of the gym)?
Francesca: Being able to do all activities at crossfit.

Phin: In the gym, mastering the jump rope. Outside the gym, his swim ribbons and medals.

After a hard workout, what is your favorite meal?
Francesca: Fruit.

Phin: Yogurt with granola.

What are some of your interests outside of CrossFit?
Francesca: Play outside activities with my brother.

Phin: Golf, swim, history, gaming, basketball, and reading.

What do you do for a living?
Francesca: I am in 3 rd grade.

Phin: Whatever my mom tells me to, student.

What is one goal that you are currently working on?
Francesca: Hanging on the bar longer.

Phin: Stamina and getting a silver time for the freestyle or butterfly in swim and getting good at golf to win scholarship money.

Favorite WOD?
Francesca: Hang on the bars.

Phin: Ring rows and rowing machine – anything except burpees.

Favorite Cheat Meal?
Francesca: McDonald’s.

Phin: Chicken Parm or deep dish pizza (Francescos).

Favorite memory at Babylon Crossfit?
Francesca: I have a lot of fun every week. Not just one memory.

Phin: Finishing the Murph and lots of pain from Matt and Trish workouts.

If you had a music genre, song, or artist playing in your head at all times what/who would it be?
Francesca: I like anything soothing and upbeat.

Phin: Imagine Dragons or Metallica.

What’s on your DVR/current favorite TV series & favorite Phone app?
Francesca: My favorite movie is The Greatest Showman.

Phin: Teen Titans GO.

Top 3 Instagram Accounts you follow:
Francesca: N/A

Phin: Favorite YouTuber @theodd1sout

Any advice for people who are just getting started with CrossFit or maybe too afraid to start?
Francesca: Be competitive and work hard.

Phin: Just do it – it’s really not so hard once you get used to it.