Congratulations Cindy and David on being Babylon Crossfit’s Member of the Month for November!

A Word From Our Coaches…

“I have known Dave and Cindy since the beginning of my CrossFit journey, which means they’ve been kicking butt in WODs for over 6 years! They inspired me when I started because they showed up consistently and always put in the work! Guess what? They still show up consistently and put in the work! They make no excuses, but Dave is never afraid to yell out “Coach I’m tired” mid WOD haha! Cindy always comes in and puts Dave’s mobility to shame. Sorry Dave haha, the best part is we can joke about it. Dave and Cindy really are two of the best people to have in class. Great energy and laughs all around!” – Coach Melissa

“Dave and Cindy are two of our most consistent afternoon athletes in the afternoon; it does not matter what the wod is, I know I will see them. It is always fun hearing Dave’s replies when coaching and being impressed with Cindy’s form on lifts. I am so happy they found their way to Babylon, they have been a great addition to the community!” – Coach OB

“Dave and Cindy are the most badass OG Crossfitters I have ever known in my 7 or so years of Crossfitting. Armed with smiles and banter, they’ll give their best at any workout no matter how daunting. ” – Coach Corey

About Cindy and David…

Most frequent class time and how many days/week do you Crossfit?
We find the 4:00 class works best for us. Allows us no time to go home and relax and change our minds about working out.

What was your fitness background before you started at Babylon Crossfit?
We both started CrossFitting about seven years ago. We came upon Babylon after we stopped for a bit due to COVID – That’s one positive effect of the shutdown. We are really enjoying Babylon CrossFit. Before CrossFit, we dabbled with joining various gyms and not showing up and we also spent some time doing the P90X program at home. When our youngest son suggested trying CrossFit with him, we were hooked. At one point, we worked out with our son, daughter and her husband, and my niece. Those were great times.

What accomplishment are you the proudest of (outside and inside of the gym)?
Inside the gym: We think continuing to do CrossFit workouts after seven years and enjoying it each and every time is an accomplishment.

Outside of the gym: Cindy: Putting up with Dave for 38 years is an accomplishment. Dave: She’s still with me after 38 years! (All kidding aside, watching our family grow and thrive is our accomplishment!)

After a hard workout, what is your favorite meal?
After workouts, we both have protein shakes. We are definitely very boring eaters. We pretty much follow a paleo diet, but we do cheat. After a hard week of work and workouts at the gym, it’s not uncommon for us to get burgers or tacos from a local restaurant.

What are some of your interests outside of CrossFit?
We’ve always enjoyed bike riding and when the pandemic shut everything down, we discovered rail trails. We got new bikes and enjoy finding new trails to ride. Most of our favorites are upstate New York. This past summer, we spent a week in the Finger Lakes discovering trails to bike and hike and of course to wine! If not bike riding, we are usually with our granddaughters or visiting our sons in Albany.

What do you do for a living?
Cindy: I teach fifth grade in Bayshore. Dave: I am a physical therapist.

What is one goal that you are currently working on?
Cindy: The goal I am currently working on is to just enjoy the journey. I spent many years striving for numbers and challenging myself with moves and never really being satisfied because there is always someone who is better. I did reach many of my goals but since my last injury, I decided to change my mindset and just enjoy the journey. I love CrossFit workouts and I want to continue the fun for many years to come.

Dave: No particular goals. I enjoy workouts and the people. I suppose my goal is to HAVE FUN! (“Having fun coach!”)

Favorite WOD?
Cindy: Definitely like chippers and tabatas and any workout that includes many different movements. My favorite WOD ever is the Twelve Days of Christmas. Striving to make it through all twelve days amongst the chaos of everyone else doing the same creates a level of energy that is intoxicating.

Dave: No favorites. Like tabatas and EMOMS.

Favorite Cheat Meal?
Cindy: Nachos

Dave: Cheese, please!

Favorite memory at Babylon Crossfit?
We have been at Babylon for a few months now and are building great memories every day.

If you had a music genre, song, or artist playing in your head at all times what/who would it be?
Cindy: Anything…like many genres and artists, old and current. Just needs to have a beat.

Dave: Needtobreathe

What’s on your DVR/current favorite TV series & favorite Phone app?
Just finished binge-watching Friday Night Lights and looking forward to the next binge-worthy series. Any suggestions?

Top 3 Instagram Accounts you follow:
@tonibbletonosh (Family member’s charcuterie site)


@babyloncrossfit (Of course!)

Any advice for people who are just getting started with CrossFit or maybe too afraid to start?
Cindy: My advice is to just do it. That may sound a bit cliche but I have come to realize that if you want to try something, don’t think too much about the whys and why nots – just do it. Life’s too short for regrets. You don’t need to be in shape to start CrossFit – that happens after you join. You don’t need to know what you are doing – that’s what the coaches are for and they do an excellent job. You don’t need to know anyone to workout with – the Babylon CrossFit community is very welcoming.

Dave: What Cindy said! And I’ll add: ask questions; listen to the coach; listen to your body; and most of all, have fun!