Congratulations Lauren Brooks on being Babylon Crossfit’s Member of the Month for August!

A Word From Our Coaches…

“Lauren is a shining star at Babylon Crossfit and a fine example of what consistency and hard work is capable of. Every class she is determined to give each workout her best effort. Recently, she has really begun to step outside of her comfort zone, which has resulted in some amazing personal accomplishments. Lauren is very supportive of those around her and a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations Lauren on this well-deserved honor …” – Coach Roy

“Lauren is awesome!!👏🏻 she has made incredible strides. She looks amazing too!!! 🤩
Always happy to be here and you can see it in her face, she is literally glowing!!!! 🥰 it’s inspiring to witness this transformation.” – Coach Jacq

“Lauren watching your journey makes my heart so happy. I love watching you get it done and finding the time to focus on yourself, no matter how hard your week is. You have come such a long way with your lifts, confidence, gymnastic movements, and so much more. Thank you for inspiring all of us daily, and we are all rooting for the RX rope climb…. it’s coming. #MOMSTRENGTH ” – Coach Trish

About Lauren…

Most frequent class time and how many days/week do you Crossfit?
Lately its been 8am or 9am.

What was your fitness background before you started at Babylon Crossfit?
I have played sports my entire life. I grew up playing basketball, soccer, softball, swimming, and dancing. Most notably though I was a 3 year captain and starter for my college basketball team and during that time I spent about 4 hours a day in the gym. Since graduating in 2009, my fitness has been inconsistent. I have struggled with my weight and body image since having my daughter in 2016 and most recently my son 14 months ago. Joining Babylon CrossFit in January has given me the drive to keep going in my fitness journey and I no longer have the same body image issues I had just 6 months ago! I feel stronger than I have in a long time.

What accomplishment are you the proudest of (outside and inside of the gym)?
Outside the gym, I am most proud of being a mom to my 2 amazing kids. They just brighten up my day in a way no one and nothing else can!

Inside the gym, I’m most proud of the fact that I can use the knotted rope to climb to the top and that I’ve been PR’ing in most of my lifts!

After a hard workout, what is your favorite meal?
A chocolate protein shake and a banana are my go-to!

What are some of your interests outside of CrossFit?
I’m currently pursuing voice acting as a side gig!

What do you do for a living?
I am an elementary school teacher.

What is one goal that you are currently working on?
I am determined to get the j-hook on the rope climb!

Favorite WOD?
I like them all when they are done! Lol

Favorite Cheat Meal?
Crispy cheddar chicken with rice pilaf.

Favorite memory at Babylon Crossfit?
Climbing to the top of the rope!

If you had a music genre, song, or artist playing in your head at all times what/who would it be?
Backstreet Boys and any 90s/early 2000s pop music.

What’s on your DVR/current favorite TV series & favorite Phone app?
Survivor, Workin’ Moms, and The Office. Facebook.

Top 3 Instagram Accounts you follow:
@BabylonCrossfit, @officeladiespod, @kristenanniebell, @hannahbower2

Any advice for people who are just getting started with CrossFit or maybe too afraid to start?
The hardest part of CrossFit is getting yourself there. I love that the coaches and workouts meet you where you are at and you can go at your own pace but also push you to go further, faster, and heavier. I have never regretted doing a CrossFit workout but I have regretted skipping them. Don’t let the CrossFit veterans scare you away because you can’t do what they can do yet. Use them as inspiration to help you push yourself to get where you want to be!