Garage Fight
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
“Garage Fight”
3 Rounds of 1:00 at each:
Backpack Thrusters
Backpack Cleans
Burpees over Backpack
Backpack Reverse Lunges

“Garage Fight RX+”
3 Rounds of 1:00 at each:
Dumbbell Goblet Thrusters
Single Dumbbell Power Cleans
Burpees over the Dumbbell
Single Arm Push Presses

Score is total reps
*On single arm work, alternate hands every 5 reps.

Warm Up 10-15 of each movement
Shoulder Mobility
Boot Straps
Side Lunges Each Side
Sampson Stretch
Spider Mans
Iron Cross
Scorpion Stretch
Inch Worm
Downward Dog
Hollow Rocks
Super Mans