Member Spotlight - Joe & Sam Southard

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How your Crossfit Journey started?

We decided to join CrossFit in October of 2017 our goal was that we wanted to be fit for our wedding in Mexico. After a few months we realized that this was a lifestyle change. A change we knew would continue well after the wedding.  After we hit our goal we decided that we loved CrossFit and we are still loving it today

How has Crossfit impacted your life?

CrossFit has not only helped us stay on track with our healthy lifestyle, but  CrossFit has also impacted our lives because of everyone at the gym. The people here are the best part. It has created friendships for us that extend past the walls of the box. We really love the support and motivation from our fit fam! 

Describe any future or past Challenges you have done or are training for. ie - 5k, sparten race, new job, Crossfit competition etc.

Past challenges we have been part of are the 2018 open, we completed our first spartan race in November 2018, the PO 5k run in oct. 2018, flex on the beach Sept. 2018, the 2018 The Murph Challenge and of course strongman every Monday night!
Our future goals are to step up our game for this years open, compete in a few more Spartan races, and get a few more Crossfit comps in! We can’t forget about Sammy volunteering to be Pete’s partner in a deadlift competition next month! 

Describe some personal goals you would like to achieve at the gym.

Sammy’s personal goal is a strict pull up and running a faster mile. 
Joe’s goal is to work on barbell form, and start being able to keep up with Jimmy Bozza ;)

Describe some personal goals you would like to achieve in your personal life.

Our Personal goals are buying our first house and having babies. Staying fit as parents and teaching our kids the importance of a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

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